Whither NASA?

Whither NASA?

I’m a huge fan of NASA (the idea), but not so much NASA the government agency.

After six more launches, human space flight – at least for the next decade – is a total question mark for NASA.

We frequent the KSC Visitor Complex at least once a month.  We go to Shuttle launches.  We attend Camp KSC.

And all I can do is wonder – why are we about to mothball a brain trust that we have spent the last 50 years developing?

I’m not a huge proponent of continuing to tread water in low earth orbit.  If the U.S. is to continue HSF, it needs to go big – or go home.

As we often do, sometimes we’ll drive the Space Coast and come to KSC north from Florida Highway 3 (which runs right through the Space Center).  When you drive north on FL 3, you have to take a left on Space Commerce Way to get to the Visitor Center – about a 5 mile drive.

Space Commerce Way is a fantastic metaphor for the state of NASA today – it is nothing but a hard path with swampland on either side.  And absolutely no space commerce of any kind to be found along the way.

All I can do for now is hope for someone with vision – maybe my kids’ generation – to rekindle the dream.

Because for now, it all but appears to be dying.

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