More on Moving

More on Moving

Dave Delaney had a post this morning titled Moving Can Be Incredible.  And he is absolutely right.  Moving can be incredible.

Threading it’s way throughout Dave’s post was the notion that each decision we make determines who we become.

My family and I have moved six times in the last ten years.  And each move has resulted in something good that has happened to us that otherwise would not have happened, had we stayed close to home.

There is definitely something to be said about “burning the ships” and taking a chance on a major move – a new town, state, country.

If you have the inclination, and are willing to open yourself to new possibilities, I highly recommend going somewhere where no one knows your name and living for an extended period, at least once in your life.

Who knows?  You may find your soul-mate, your passion, your purpose in life.

3 thoughts on “More on Moving

  1. I’ve done that many times during my single years and did find my soul mate. 🙂 It’s tougher to do it when other people will be impacted (family). But if the right opportunity came along, I would do it in a heartbeat!


  2. Thanks for the post David. I moved and found my soul mate, then moved again and found an incredible city. I’m a lucky guy for picking up that backpack back in 1998.



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