Pink Slip Parties… I Don’t Grok the Concept

Pink Slip Parties… I Don’t Grok the Concept

OK… if I were a recruiter, maybe…

But if you have a newly minted Pink Slip… does it REALLY make sense to try and find a new job at a party with hundreds of other recently fired competitors for the chance for a job that you want?

You want to commiserate with your fellows in the ranks of the unemployed?  Fine.  You’ve got excuse enough to drink and w(h)ine.

But understand it for what it is.

And what it is is not a chance for someone to recognize your brilliance and wit in a social setting.

If you want to meet and greet people in a professional and / or social setting in the hopes of landing a new position, I would suggest you try to do so in a setting with people who (a) have jobs and (b) have jobs with hiring decision making power.

Where do such magical places exist?

  • Your local civic clubs (Lions, Optimists, Rotarians, Elks, etc.).
  • Your local chambers of commerce, or affiliated Leadership programs.
  • Your local professional associations (PR, Marketing,  Accounting, Social Services, etc.).

I’m not a guru, I don’t dispense employment advice, and I don’t even play a doctor on TV.

But with some amount of certainty I can say this – you’ll never get a job from someone who is also without a jobOr a roomful of people without jobs.

You’d be better off simply calling the people putting ON the Pink Slip party, sending them your resume, and telling them you’re more interested in speaking to potential employers rather than to your brother (or sister) job (board) applicants.

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