Fifty Seven Channels – and Nothin’ On

Fifty Seven Channels – and Nothin’ On

The Bruce Springsteen song, 57 Channels and Nothin’ On, captures a growing trend in Social Media.

And really, business in general, too.

Seemingly every other day we get a new way to communicate, collaborate, berate, and cajole our “friends”, prospects, and business associates.

All we seem to be really accomplishing is adding to the list of ways that we can be ignored.

Maybe the economy has finally driven everyone to the point of lock-up.  We are so busy keeping our jobs, that we don’t have time to do the polite things.  Like responding to phone calls.  Or voice mails.  Or texts.  Or DMs.  Or Emails.  Or pings.  Or tweets.

I’m finding more and more that people simply have forgotten the art of “getting back to you.”  Getting back to you the same business day.  Or even within the current 24 hour period in which you need to communicate.

I’m not even talking about prospects – I’m talking about people that are working together with you on projects where people are already writing you checks.

I used to think perhaps it was generational.  I am, after all, settling into my old farthood quite comfortably these days.

But its not simply a matter of young folks not calling back, and old fogies being on the ball.  Across the board, we all seem to be broadcasting into the void, and waiting for a call back.

For projects that need approvals.  For requests for changes.  For clarifications.  For instructions.

The sad fact is, that regardless of how many great channels of communication we have, they aren’t worth a damn if all we’re doing is further splitting our attention and losing sight of the fact that these “new media” are intended to be two-way channels.

At this point, I think I’d be happy with smoke signals.

Just as long as someone is getting back to me in a timely fashion.

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