My dad passed away five years ago today.

I don’t really mark these anniversaries – at least, intentionally.

But this morning, one of my childhood friends, Brian Sanders, posted a picture of one of our youth baseball teams, showing my dad at an age younger than I am now.

Circa 1976
Circa 1975

My dad is the guy in the blue shirt, and I’m in the front row (#11).

It’s odd now to see my dad – around 34 years old at the time of this picture – coincidentally about that same amount of time later, without thinking about how impermanent things really are and how quickly time passes.

I find it hard to imagine my sons doing the same thing, thirty odd years on.  I just hope that when they do, they have only happy memories.

Hopefully, a happy future memory
Hopefully, a happy future memory

2 thoughts on “Passages

  1. David, It is funny that you post this today. Today happens to be my mom’s birthday. She passed away 11 years ago March 20, but I always remember her on her birthday. I was thinking about her this morning and some of the things we did together, and like you I was reflecting on what my kids, my daughter in particular, would remember about what we did together. Kinda parallel and creepy don’t ya think?

    You son looks like you, and I am sure that he will remember you as a loving father with a passion for sport, and a devotion for him…we can hope right? Hey, I still plan on being around bugging her in 30 years!


  2. Touching post, David, and I love the photo. Your dad obviously did a great job in instilling the unconditional love of a father in you, as well as the importance of time and involvement – you are a model of that to your boys. I always enjoy watching the great balance you seem to keep between work and keeping your family a priority. Sounds like a no-brainer, but I know so many that let work take them over…

    Blessings to you on this day 🙂


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