Florida Ramblings

Florida Ramblings

I was just passing Palm Coast on I-95 this morning when I noticed an Osprey flying above the road, clutching a fish.  If you drive most anywhere in Florida south of Orlando or along any of the coasts you can spot the big nests atop trees, utility poles, and transmission towers.

It reminded me of why I like Florida so much.

I can be in my car and within 45 minutes or so be watching wild dolphins swimming in the Banana River, or drive the other way and see Manatees in Homossassa Springs.  You can’t pass by any large-ish body of water without seeing a gator or an otter or something you don’t see most other places.

While living in Celebration I was lucky enough to see Bald Eagles from time to time, which was always unexpected and always amazing.

I’ve never seen a Florida Panther in the wild, but hope some day to be able to – hopefully at a distance where I and the cat don’t soil ourselves.

Most of us locals really take the natural beauty of where we live totally for granted.

My only regret today – by all measures beautiful – was that I didn’t have time to take A1A on the way back home.

Maybe next trip.

2 thoughts on “Florida Ramblings

  1. I agree, I wish that I spent more time roaming the parks. 20 years ago, I’d drive through the parks on my motorcycle with a camera just taking in all that Florida has, we used to travel the state looking for places that claimed to have animals you don’t just see everyday. Last week we went through some back town coming home from Fort Myers and stopped at an animal rescue, I’ve always enjoyed that. Last summer, I got to see my first Florida bear, in the wild at Wekiva Springs state park… we were close enough to share a bonding soil, but I’d do it again any day! Thanks for the picture!


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