A Little Love for an iPhone App

A Little Love for an iPhone App

Well… at least not outright dislike anyway for myBloglines.

Thanks again Dusan for the very fair review.

UPDATE: I had written Dusan, and he provided an update on his blog about the communication.  His original synopsis of my email was not quite accurate – so, I’m putting the full text below for context.


Thanks for the review on myBloglines.  Very fair.

I hear you loud and clear on the feature requests you mentioned.

Some of the items need a little additional help from Ask.com on the API – I have a couple of messages into Eric Engleman (General Manager of Bloglines) but so far I haven’t been able to hook up with Eric – though we did speak briefly a little over a year ago when I launched a Facebook version of myBloglines (http://apps.facebook.com/mybloglines).  Would love to have Ask.com involved to make myBloglines as good a user experience as we can make it.

Again, many thanks for the mention.

David J. Hinson
President, Sumner Systems Management, Inc.

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