Seven Things You May Not Know About Me (Or Even Care)

Seven Things You May Not Know About Me (Or Even Care)

  1. I can juggle.
  2. I actually had Cat Scratch Fever as a child.  My parents thought I had cancer.  Still remember the needle they used to drain the lymph node under my arm.
  3. I was captain of my high school football team and got to kiss the homecoming queen.  We went 1-9 my Senior Year (sorry, Lebanon High School).
  4. My childhood home burned while I was in College and most of the material things I grew up with were lost.
  5. I have 20-19 vision in my left eye (though I need reading glasses for the close up stuff) and 20-90 vision in my right eye.  I had eye surgery when I was in the first grade to correct my Amblyopia, with mostly successful results.  Oddly, I have great spatial vision (played catcher and center field as a youth) though I can’t enjoy 3-D movies or ViewMasters.
  6. I love cold turkey sandwiches after the holidays more than the turkey served on the holiday itself.
  7. The first thing I bought with my first “real” paycheck was an eight track tape player from Radio Shack when I was fourteen years old.  A whopping $148 for a week’s work at a construction site.

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