Kudos to the RDV Sportsplex and Debby Kwasman

Kudos to the RDV Sportsplex and Debby Kwasman

Last weekend we had a great hockey tournament here in Orlando, hosted by the RDV Sportsplex.  The staff and management of the RDV Sportsplex Ice Den were wonderful hosts and every game started when they were supposed to.  Well done.

And while I am at it, I would like to extend a personal thank you to Debby Kwasman, Ice Den Director.  She took what was a negative customer service experience (mentioned here), turned it into a good teaching moment for her staff, and made a big effort to make things right by the boys and the OYHA coaches.

I had the opportunity to meet Debby and thank her for the steps she has taken to address the situation that occurred.  It’s hard doing the job she has to do – dealing with us sports parents – and I appreciate how professionally and courteously she handled this.  Well done.

Here is an extract from Debby’s letter to OYHA (redacted for personal information):


I was able to visit with specific members of my team during the
holidays. The individuals involved in this incident have been
appropriately disciplined as per our policies. They understand the
ramifications of their actions and they have spent time in my office
discussing what they learned from this experience and what they would
change if anything similar were to occur in the future.

I would like to extend two opportunities to the Squirt and the Pee Wee
teams to help the re-acclimate to RDV. On Thursday, January 15th, RDV
Sportsplex Ice Den would like to host a pizza party for these players
and the coaches and their immediate families after practice. We can meet
in the party rooms and RDV will provide pizza and drinks.

Secondly, I would like my skate patrol team member to have a few minutes
to address the players and coaches. She is enrolled in a class during
the pizza party, but she will be available prior to their practice on
that Thursday night. She will formally apologize directly to the players
and the coaches before they get on the ice.

We are looking forward to a great MLK tournament and that will have my
attention next week as well.

Debby Kwasman
RDV Sportsplex Ice Den


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