A Peeve That is Too Big To Keep As a Pet

A Peeve That is Too Big To Keep As a Pet

Even grizzled, seasoned developers need help.  Like all the time.

Stick around long enough, and you forget enough knowledge to fill several libraries.

Which brings me around to something that gets under my skin more than I care to admit.

Let’s say you’re browsing around for the solution to a programming issue you’re having.  And you’re under a deadline.  And the breaks aren’t going your way.

Fortuitous Day!  You find a post on a message board with someone having (or who just had) the same issue you’re having.  Maybe you won’t be up all night after all.

You read the problem description (yeah… that’s what I’m seeing)… and then the plea from the poor schmuck for guidance from the community (feel your pain, buddy)…

And then the inevitable happens.

“Hey Loser.”

“Read The F*#$ing Manual.”

RTFM.  It’s in the documentation.  Just read, stupid.

And that, my friends, is why I have not posted a question on a programming message board.  Ever.

It’s not the fear of being ridiculed.  I’ve been married for 23 years (rim shot).

No – it’s having to endure some idiot, who doesn’t know the answer either, try to elevate his importance (you go, l3371killa833z) by belittling others.

You find these bags everywhere.  The Apple Developer boards seem to be overly represented with this particular mode of socially stunted douchiness.

Look – there are lazy developers out there, who don’t want to do the hard work of learning their craft.  Who don’t put in the hours.  Who pay no dues.

But by and large, these guys are in the minority.

If all you have to add to a discussion is RTFM, then may I kindly suggest you STFU.

2 thoughts on “A Peeve That is Too Big To Keep As a Pet

  1. THANK YOU!!!!! for putting in to words the pet peeve that I usually keep in my head! I am more on the design end of our business, and although some of the answers to my questions that I have posed *to the social community* are not quite as ‘in-your-face’ as RTFM, they may as well be. I would honestly rather someone not answer at all than to be so condescending in their approach.

    You have always been very helpful and kind to me, and are one of the handful of people I always recommend to other folks to follow wherever they see you =) In the end, your brand of kindness and intelligence wins my respect over someone with an inflated social ego.


  2. I’m no programmer, but I’ve seen that same syndrome in other places beyond straight programming. Actually, I’ve never seen it in programming because I’m not a programmer, but I’ve run across those while troubleshooting my PC or dealing with a complicated audio program. Thankfully, it’s a small number in my wanderings, but thank you for saying it, and saying it well.


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