Good Weekend in Atlanta

Good Weekend in Atlanta

Had a very good travel hockey weekend this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Atlanta (well, Marietta and Duluth).

Number One son scored two goals and an assist in game 1, and a goal and an assist in game 2 – both of which they won.  Sadly, game 3 they lost 2-1.

The amazing thing about this is that about half the team ‘bailed’ and didn’t make the trip.  We had 4 defensemen and 3 centers and forwards… and had to borrow 3 players.

Even so, we beat 2 teams that had between 15 and 20 skaters, and came close to beating the best A team in the Atlanta area.

In one sense, I’m disappointed in how many kids reneged on a commitment on the team.  In another sense, it was good to see what the kids who did go could do when pressed to the wall.  It’s not easy double-shifting every other shift for three games against 15 sets of fresh legs… and win 2 out of 3, coming close to winning 3 out of 3.

Practice tonight should be fun.

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