Communication Non-Starters

Communication Non-Starters

Nice to meet you!  Would you like to get married?

Sounds silly, right?

Except that is exactly what happens whenever someone with a bullshit title like ‘life’ or ‘success’ coach connects to me out here in the wilds of the internet and immediately starts spamming me with their snake oil hokum.

Look – you want to sell me something?  Fine.

But the way to do it is not to go all “Billy Mayes” mere seconds upon connecting.

You only come across as a douche.

If you want to connect and start a dialog, I’m all ears.  I may – or may not – buy into what you’re selling.  But at least give me the chance to catch my breath before jamming your spam into my inbox, wall posts, and statuses.

I don’t believe in “The Secret”, Santa Claus, or Multi-Level Marketing.

I do believe in great ideas, executed upon, with detail and care.

Everything else is just noise.


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