Are Facebook Apps Dead? Ask Me Again in Six Months

Are Facebook Apps Dead? Ask Me Again in Six Months

The short answer is – of course not.  But Facebook isn’t doing developers any favors, either.

Has the new Facebook design had a deliterious effect on applications in general?  My personal direct experience says “yes” and buzz around the ‘Net says most people are seeing a 20%-25% drop in app traffic.

The Facebook platform has been good to me professionally, no doubt about it.

That said, however, I am continually amazed that with each iteration of the platform, the channels by which applications may be exposed to a larger audience and through which the application may be made visible get more and more application averse, if not anti-use entirely.

I wrote a post earlier in the year about writing my last social networking application.  It was written out of frustration, and in retrospect was both premature and prescient with regard to what is happening today.

I still believe that there is room for great exploitation of the Facebook platform by business for hosting business applications beyond the advertising driven model that permeates most paying (if not profitable) apps.

I’m afraid it may have to wait for the next great creative cycle – Web 3.0, the great re-re-awakening, or whatever we wind up calling it – before this really happens, for a number of factors (not the least of which is there is a tremendous gap remaining between businesses that embrace the social web and those hostile or worse ignorant of it).

So, for now, I’m watching with a great deal of interest as to whether conditions improve for developers on Facebook.

But I’m not optimistic.

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