What? Me Worry?

What? Me Worry?

With apologies to Alfred E. Newman.

My wife and I have been devoting a significant amount of time to worrying over one of my kids.  He’s having a very hard time adjusting to our move and is very homesick.

Plus, he’s at an age where image is everything and is tied intimately to what one’s peers think of you.

We hurt very much for him, because he’s a great kid and know that his new friends will love him once they get to know him like we do, and like the friends back home did.

Last weekend, a girl from his old school wrote an email asking if our son was OK because of the hurricanes.  We wrote her mom back and said that our son would call Saturday to let her know everything was OK.

The next day, we spoke with the girl and her mom.  The little girl got up at 6 AM (!!!) because she thought my son could call at any time.  This is an 8 year old girl, BTW.

Like all parents, I think my kids are super special.  But by any objective measure, not many kids engender that kind of devotion to friendship from a classmate, at 8 years old.  And this is not isolated – my son is just a good friend.

And that is why we are pained so – for the moment anyway.  He is finding this new school really tough to crack.

I know he’ll do well, and this will be a happy memory (one day!).

But for now, we’re bracing for a report card period that will probably be less than stellar and are pouring as much additional attention and praise as we can toward my son until he can find his way.

You wish always to minimize hurt and pain for any of your loved ones.  Sometimes growing up is just hard.

Any advice from more sage parents would be most welcome.

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