First Day of Pre-School

First Day of Pre-School

My wife and I shared a funny little moment this morning.  She had just returned from dropping my youngest son off at his new day (well, half-day) school.

She observed that all of the little girls were dressed to the nines and had mom AND dad in tow, taking pictures and generally fawning over the first day hoopla.

The parents of little boys, however, were practically dropping them off at the curb with mostly the “see ya later, have fun” send offs.

Having two sons, we both had a good laugh.  It’s not that you don’t love ’em… but it would be less than truthful to say that you weren’t looking forward to that little bit of quiet time for mom and dad when Jr returns to school, day school, pre-K, whatev.

It will be interesting to see how well our intensive emphasis on potty training fares today.  He had a very good weekend – hoping for the best but expecting – well, you know.

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