Report from First Day of School – Success!

Report from First Day of School – Success!

My newly minted third-grader finished the first day of school with a smile on his face and swag in tow – a new recorder for music class, plus swag from grandpa from the swim team and medals from the Nashville City Meet.

This morning my wife was dropping my son off, with my toddler in tow.  Our van usually looks like hell on great days, and since we moved last week, cleaning the car is like priority number 999.

Naturally, today is the day that the President of my son’s school is opening car doors to greet returning students… with a photographer on hand.

My wife is used to chronically being in a state of embarrassment – she’s been married to me for twenty-two years – and she took it all in stride.

Plus, Macgregor is extremely photogenic, so maybe our craptacular car won’t be so noticable if any of the pics are used for publication.

Just another day in paradise.

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