The coming weeks are bringing many changes into my family’s lives – new city, new school, new friends.

All changes bring new challenges and new opportunities.  It’s living through the transition without hating / killing each other that is the tricky part ;-).

We should all be old pros at this moving game.  Since 1989, we have lived in / owned seven different houses, and are about to move into house number eight.  It never really ever gets too much easier, even with repetition – though frequent moves does have the perk of making one clear away the dreck that one accumulates over time.

It’s not that I don’t get attached to houses or places – I do.

While in college, we had a life changing experience – our family home burned to the ground – a total loss.  I was able to recover a few things, but for the most part everything I ever knew, materially, was gone. 

We were extremely fortunate in that everyone got safely out of the house, though sadly we lost our pets. 

Ever since, my attachment to material things has been pretty passe. I like nice things, I appreciate the good things in life – but know that their possession is ephemeral at best.

I’m feeling tremendous loss for the friends we are leaving and for the family that will remain here in Tennessee. 

And I will miss the awesome sunsets over the lake from our front window.

But the house is a place where we sleep – and my home is wherever my wife and two sons are.

And that is something that will never change.

One thought on “Changes

  1. Extending many well wishes, thoughts, and prayers to you and your family right now. An exciting but bittersweet time for certain.

    Such a great outlook you have when you wrote:
    ” the house is a place where we sleep – and my home is wherever my wife and two sons are”
    You are a wise man to see that, and an even wiser man for modeling it to your boys!

    As far as the ‘stuff’ goes, perhaps that is just what the doctor ordered, for me. Move. Anywhere. Next door even. It would force me to clean out accumulated, but certainly unneeded ‘stuff’.

    Blessings to you all~


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