This is Tougher Than I Thought It Would Be

This is Tougher Than I Thought It Would Be

Last night our neighbors immediately to our rear threw an anniversary party for my wife and I.

These neighbors are really much more than neighbors – they are really more like our extended family.

We have been in their weddings, and they have been in ours.  I have known them for going on 30 years, and my wife even longer.  Their kids and grand-kids play with my kids.

In truth, they are closer than our real brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles.

I have been so busy “making hay while the sun shines” for this upcoming move, that I haven’t been thinking about the great things we’ll be leaving behind in Tennessee.  Part of this is defense mechanism, because one realizes soon in this life that good – no, great – friends are a rarity and a treasure.  And our friends are treasures indeed.

Sad as it makes me to leave people that we love, our transitions in life provide us with exciting and life changing opportunities that are to be embraced.  After each of our moves, something great has happened; for example, we adopted each of our sons almost immediately following a move.

Still, after last night, our move this time became much tougher.  Way tougher than I thought it would be.

And that’s a good thing, because it proves I’m still not the cynic that I sometimes believe myself becoming.

One thought on “This is Tougher Than I Thought It Would Be

  1. I completely understand the mixed feelings you’re having right now, but your outlook is great (“transitions in life provide us with life changing opportunities…”).

    Your Tennessee friends’ and neighbors’ loss is our gain here in Orlando 🙂 We look forward to officially welcoming you here soon.

    Best of luck with the final details, and wishing you safe travels on this next step in your life’s journey.



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