Father’s Day

Father’s Day

I love Father’s Day.

I love having my boys pile on me when they get up this morning and ask what’s for breakfast.

I cannot remember much about my life before my boys, because I cannot imagine my life now without them.

My dad passed away in March of 2004. He and I had very little in common and as an adult I was not particularly close with him. It was nobody’s fault as to why this was – it just was.

I loved him, because he was my dad.

As my boys grow older I am finding myself understanding a lot more about my dad. It’s even funny to catch myself saying the same things he said to me, to my sons.

My hope today for you who are being feted as Fathers is that you enjoy the day – and make many happy memories.

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. My father passed away June 98. Sometimes it takes quite a lot of time to learn all the things we end up discovering about our parents, after they are gone. Great if we can remember and bring it to life for the kids who follow, since there is a continuity there, and a little of those who have passed, in us who are left behind, and the generations that follow. Magic really.


  2. So right, I awoke to the patter of my kids feet and them carefully bringing me a cup of coffee in bed. I realized then just how grateful I am, and to think at one point I thought I never wanted kids now I could not imagine have a life without them. They bring us purpose and I model them everyday in approaching life with complete joy of being alive! Life is a playground, get out and play!


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