It’s Free – Stop Your Bitching

It’s Free – Stop Your Bitching

Every time I read a post like this I think “that person doesn’t mind having his time wasted.”

There is a cost in lost opportunity. I for one actually transact business as a result of Twitter participation, and when it is down, it IS a lost opportunity cost and money lost.

Plenty of companies are being built of upon the assumption that Twitter is available – TwitterPhone and about 200+ API developers for example. I guess that they have nothing to bitch about, either.

Also, I would like to point out that Twitter is no where NEAR 9 nines of availability.

It is not the audience’s fault if Twitter cannot figure out a revenue model. I don’t blame my customers if I cannot sustain enough business to keep my idle hands fully occupied – that’s why they call it “work.”

Twitter will one day make money on the community being built. Ergo, there is value to participation and this whole notion of “it’s free – shut up” will be exposed for the BS it is.

One thought on “It’s Free – Stop Your Bitching

  1. Way to sound off! Twitter definitely has to get it’s act together. Hopefully sooner than later. But knowing what we know now, someone could build a better Twitter. Heck, Google could so scoop the day here with Jaiku.

    BTW, Good morning!


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