Some Thoughts on Lifestreaming

Some Thoughts on Lifestreaming

There are so many cool life streaming content services available that do what they do extremely well: Utterz does a great job at recording and posting audio to your blog, Seesmic is great at video comments, Flickr is my tool of choice for sharing photos on the fly, and Qik is awe inspiring in terms of live video streaming from a cell phone.

You get the idea. Plenty of services to represent slices of your life, either from a browser, a phone, or a desktop application.

I know I am leaving out services like Plaxo, Social Thing! and FriendFeed, which I really think of as more aggregators than originators of content. Maybe others would call these services the lifestreaming services and the ones I call lifestreaming, microblogging services. Tah-may-toe, Tah- mah-toe.

And yet. There is not one killer lifestreaming application – at least in my humble opinion, gentle reader.

For me, the killer lifestreaming service will let me do the following:

  • Let me post video
  • Let me post photos
  • Let me post audio
  • Let me share web links
  • Let me cross post to Twitter, Plurk, FriendFeed, Social Thing!, Plaxo, Facebook, Pownce, etc.
  • Support SMS and Mobile Platforms – from day one

And here is the kicker – allow me to do this – all of this – CONVENIENTLY, while events unfold, not having to sit down an hour later and pull all of these elements together hodge-podge at a desktop or laptop.

In short, I want to have the ability from a mobile device to capture and share events on the fly with rich content and no compromises.

Is that too much to ask?

We are really close to being there. I am impressed beyond words at what some of these services have been able to pull off. But we are not quite there – yet.

For now, I’ll keep looking for that killer service.


2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Lifestreaming

  1. hola!David

    Thanks and great post. I am looking for the best outlet for a Vlog and yes it would be amazing to be able to use one service/app for everything! But hell, do we use one or all for reaching more people? YouTube, Metacafe, Revver, ifilm, etc etc.

    So, direct question as far as video content is there a tool that will let us upload our videos on all of these services ?

    (kinda new at this 😉


  2. tumblr is close. but i’m thinking of leaving it. gReader share blog works great. it’s not everything, but it makes it a snap to share what is online, not to publish content. so the workaround is publish to flickr, etc, have those feeds run to gReader, then share it.

    but that’s pretty much a self aggregator, huh? ugh.


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