If You Want Something, You Gotta Ask

If You Want Something, You Gotta Ask

I had something pretty neat happen today.

Watching the growing success of Alltop.com, I wondered: how do I get my blog listed on Alltop.com?

The Answer?

You gotta ask.

I got on Twitter and wrote Guy Kawasaki a brief Direct Message saying that I didn’t really know how to classify my blog, Logorrhea – but if he felt it good enough to be on Alltop, please classify how he felt best.

Five minutes later, there it was, listed under http://life.alltop.com.

Pretty doggone impressive turn around – and I’m assuming that Guy took this on personally, owing to how quickly this all happened.

THAT’S engagement.

If you really want something, simply ask.

Thank you, Guy.

One thought on “If You Want Something, You Gotta Ask

  1. Hi David – @adamcohen here, thanks so much for this post. I just did the same on a whim and got a response within minutes from guy to add my blog (http://adamcohen.typepad.com) to socialmedia.alltop.com – I’m honored, now I guess I really need to step it up!


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