Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Will flesh this out a little later… but wanted to jot down the outline before it totally left my head and into the bit bucket.

To me, there is nothing more distracting than a great idea poorly executed.

Twitter comes immediately to mind, but there are so many other smaller examples as well:

  • Podcasts / video casts with great content but poor sound / audio that keeps you from concentration on the message and instead focused on how poorly the content was packaged
  • A great product or service poorly managed and invisible to the world because the PR / Marketing department is not doing their job
  • Public golf courses. How in the hell can you lose money on public golf courses (other than gambling… but I digress).
  • A great blog post that is 99% factual but has a glaring single inaccuracy that could have been easily fact checked. Not talking about the grammar police or the spelling nazis – but hard statements of fact that would take seconds of time to vet but ruin an otherwise strong piece of writing.
  • A product rollout that is done about half-way right – and then left to die on the vine – because strong follow up is not performed, or worse, advice on maximizing adoption is ignored completely either through ignorance, negligence, or both.
  • This Blog Post

These are just a few thoughts that I have been kicking around, some of which can stand on their own with a full blown post, that I can never seem to get to when I want to. Maybe this weekend.

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