Email: The New Dead Letter Office

Email: The New Dead Letter Office

My influx of email spam has been crushing today – something like 80 crap messages every ten minutes. Compare this to normally “only” some 300 spam messages overnight, or usually 600 spam messages per day.

In short, my email has become nothing more than noise.

Every effective means of communication eventually becomes co-opted by people who want your money and attention – no surprise or secret there. There is always an ongoing battle between getting messages through versus getting only the messages that you wish to see.

What is surprising is how much email has degenerated – at least for me – over the past couple of months. It is next to useless, and I have to carefully “whitelist” those people whose messages are vitally important to me.

I have some business contacts who have resorted to DM from Twitter for primary business communications; some have opted to switch over to SMS; while others have just gone back to the good old standby, the telephone.

I can foresee a day when I simply close down email for good. It is somewhere in the not too distant future.

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