Branding and Esteem

Branding and Esteem

Just posted an article on my Facebook profile about Dell’s poor quarterly earnings and how they blame their poor performance on everything EXCEPT the root cause of their troubles – terrible customer service. While Dell has reasonably priced and well equipped laptops and desktops, they are losing mind share and market share to Apple (yes, Apple).

Apple’s product offerings across the board are overpriced and underpowered. And yet – they are expanding in all areas: music downloads, music players, desktops, phones, laptops. They are on a tear, no doubt.

Why is Apple prospering, and Dell (and Sprint, another notable customer service story from hell) floundering?

Because Apple respects their customers. Apple products are an esteem issue with their customer. Customers are willing to pay a premium for ease of use, ease of hassle, beauty, elegance.

The marketplace of commerce and ideas is fast changing, and old thoughts of ignoring customers because you CAN are long obsolete.

Just ask Dell and Sprint. While you can.

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